Bouncy Fun Products

Ferrari Slide (FS 3)

Candy Slide (CS 3)

Jack Sparrow Slide(JS 4)

superman slide (SS08)

Nemo Slide (NS03)

Dolphin Slide (DS4)

Little Octopus (LOS04)

Frozen Slide (FS 1)

Joker Slide (JS07)

IceCream Slide (IS 1)

Doll House slide (DHS 5)

Mario Slide ( MS 3 )

Baby Shark Slide (BSS01)

Jungle Gala Slide (JGS 01)

Sweet Candy Slide (SCS01)


SuperMan Water Slide (SWS03) 

L8.5 x W4 x H6.5m 

Ferrari Water Slide ( FWS 03 )

L6.5 x W4 x H6.5m

Sun Water Slide (SWS02) 

L11 x W4 x H8m

Candy Water Slide (CWS03)

L11 x W4 x H6.5m

IceCream Water Slide (IWS01)

L8 x W3.5 x H5.5m

Frozen Water Slide (FWS01)

L9 x W4 x H7m

Mario Water Slide ( MWS 03 ) 

L11 x W4 x H8m

Dolphin Water Slide (DWS04)

L11 x W4.5 x H8m

Lion Slide (LS01)L6.5 x W4 x H6.5
Arctic Slide (AS01)L6.5 x W4 x H6.5
Spiderman Slide (SM01) L6.5 x W4 x H6.5
Minion Slide (MS01) L6.5 x W4 x H6.5
Octopus Slide (OS 01)L11 x W5 x H 10
Micky Slide (MS 02)L9 x W6 x H8m
Jungle Slide (JS 01) L9 x W6 x H8m
Little Spongbob Slide (LSS05) L8 x W6 x H8m
Circomagico Slide (CS 07)L8 x W4 x H4.5 m
Ark Slide (AS 02)L6 x W3 x H4 m
Mickey Pink Slide (MPS 01) L7 x W4 x H7 m
Safari Slide (SS 09)L7 x W3.5 x H4.5 m
CowBoy Slide (CB 03)L7 x W4 x H6.5 m
Super Slide (SS06)L7 x W4 x H6.5 m
Circus Slide (CC 09)L6.5 x W4 x H6.5 m
Palm Slide (PS01)L8 x W5.5 x H8 m
Cowboy Hurdal ICH 02L20 x W4 x H6m
Palm Water Slide (PWS 01)L12 x W5.5 x H8 m
Jungle Water Slide (JWS 01)L11 x W6 x H9.5m
Dolphin Slide (DWS 02)L11 x W5.5 x H8m
Dolphin Slide (DS 01)L8 x W5 x H7m
Penguin Slide (PS 06)L8 x W4.5 x H7
Castle Slide (CS 08)L8 x W4.5 x H6.5m
Happy Park Slide (HPS 11)L8 x W4.5 x H7m
Mickey Castle Slide (MCS 09)L8 x W4.5 x H7m
Spongebob Slide (SS 04)L9 x W5 x H7m 
Smurf Slide (SS 05)L8 x W4.5 x  H6.5m
Elephant Slide (ES 14)L8 x W4.5 x H7m
Zoo Slide (ZS 07)L8 x W4.5 x H6.5m
Clown Slide (CS 13)L8 x W5.5 x H7m
Funcity Combo (FCC 02)L12 x W7 x H7
White Castle Combo (WCC 06) L6 x W4 x H4m
King Kong Combo (KKC 01)L5 x W5 x H4 m
 Giraffe Bouncer (GB 01)L4 x W3 x H4 m
Free Delivery On Bouncy Castle Rental in Dubai & UAE - Bouncy Fun Events®
Horse Slide (HS 02)L9 x W6 x H7.5m
Inflat Rabbit Combo (IRC 05)L6 x W5 x H6.5m
Angry Bird Combo (ABC 03)L7 x W3 x H5m
Spongebob Combo (SC 08)L8 x W5 x H4.5m
Double Spongebob Combo (DSC 01)L8 x W6 x H4.5m
Buggy Combo (BC 07)L8 x W6 x H4m
Princess Bouncer (PB 01)L5 x W6 x H5m
Princess Combo (PC 09)L5 x W6 x H5m
Fairy Castle Combo (FCC 01)  L5.5 x W5 x H4m 

Paw Patrol Combo(PPC02)

Baby Shark Combo(BSC01)

Unicorn Combo (UC01)

Baby Shark Bouncer(BSB4)

Boss Bouncer (BB03)

Christmas Bounce (CB02)

Paw Patrol Bouncer (PPB1)

Car Bouncer (CB 03)


Unicorn Bouncer 02

Halloween Bouncer (HB 02)


Happy Clown combo (HCC 04)L4 x W3 x H3m
Clown Combo (CC 01)L5.5 x W5 x H4m
Bump  Jump Bouncer (BJB 05)L4 x W3 x H3m
Jungle Bouncer (JB 07)L4 x W3 x H3m
Clown Bouncer (CB 01) L4 x W3 x H3 m
Robot Bouncer (RB 04)L4 x W3 x H3m
Mickey Bouncer (MB 06)L4 x W3 x H3m
Jungle Combo (JC 10)L7 x W4 x H6m
Palm Bouncer (PB 02)L8 x W4 x H6 m
Cowboy Combo (CC 02)L7 xW4 x H6
Gun Bouncer (GB 03)L8 x W4 x H6m
Sun Arch (SA 01)W4 x H4m
Welcome Arch (WA 02)W7 x H 3.5m
Climbing Wall (CW 01)L7 x W7 x H7
Inflate Basketball (IBG 01)L7 x W1.7 x H2.5m
Soapy Football(SF 03)L20 x W12m
Soapy Football(SF01)L20 x W12m
Soapy Football(SF02)L12 x W8m
Human Foosball(HF01)L12 x w6

Hippo Chow Down

Cinema Screen

Football Darts

 Train Rides (ATR 03)W8 x L12
Train Ride (ATR 04)W7 x L7 m
Carousal  Rides (CKR 04)W1 x H2 x L1 m
Bungee Jump (BJ 01)L5 x w 3
Meltdown WipeoutL8 x W8
Rodeo Bull (RB 01)W5 x H2.5 x L6m
Trampoline Park (TP 01)W 11 x H3 x L12
TKR 02W1 x H1 x L1m
HKR 01W1 x H1 x L1m
Quad Bike (QB 01)
Quadricycle (QC 01)

Arabian Tent(AT 01)

Arabian Majlis (AM 01)

Game Both  (GB 04)

Inflatable Tent (IT 01)L15 x W20 x H10m

Popcorn Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Ice cream Machine

Slush Machine

Mirror Photo Booth

Kids Table Chair

Decoration Fence

Bouncy Castle Rental and Inflatable hire in the U.A.E. 

For all your family inflatable Bouncy Castle Jumper House, Water Slide, Mechanical Rides, Trampoline, Bungee Jump, Rodeo Bull, Kids Train & Carousal need look no further than Bouncy Fun Events. Safe. Reliable. Trained. Tested. 

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman and Ra's al-Khaimah. 

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