Water Slide

Water Slides for pool

Water slides with pool

IceCream Water Slide (IWS01)

L8 x W3.5 x H5.5m

Frozen Water Slide (FWS01)

L9 x W4 x H7m

Mario Water Slide ( MWS 03 )

L11 x W4 x H8m

Dolphin Water Slide (DWS04)

L11 x W4.5 x H8m

SuperMan Water Slide (SWS03)

L8.5 x W4 x H6.5m

Ferrari Water Slide ( FWS 03 )

L6.5 x W4 x H6.5m

Dolphin Water Slide (DWS01)

L12 x W5 x H7m

Arctic Water Slide (AWS01)

L10.5 x W4 x H6.5m

Lion Water Slide ( LWS 01 )

L6.5 x W4 x H6.5m

Sun Water Slide (SWS02)

L11 x W4 x H8m

Candy Water Slide (CWS03)

L11 x W4 x H6.5m

Doll House water  slide (DHWS 05)

L11 x W4.5 x H8.5m

Palm Water Slide (PWS 01)L12 x W5.5 x H8 m
Snow Machine

Soapy Football (SF 01)

L20 x W12m

Soapy Football (SF 02)

L12 x W8m

Soapy Football (SF 03)

L20 x W12m

Inflatable Water Slides to Rent in Dubai

Planning a swimming pool party for your treasured little one? Looking for a fun and affordable to way ward off the summer heat with the family? Or you just want a new and fun way to bond with your little tyke?

Whatever the occasion, one thing’s for sure  things only get better with a party water slide!

If you’re looking for inflatable water slides to rent, you’ve come to the right place!

Bouncy’s got plenty of options to get you started!

Choose from our fun and colourful options for bouncy water slide rental in Dubai

Bouncy is a rental company specializing in inflatables, mechanical rides, and bouncy slip and slides for kids’ parties and events. We’ve been in the business of party water slide rentals since 2011, and over the years, we’ve served countless customers in the city of Dubai as well as across the entire country.

We’ve got a wide range of blow-up water slides for you to choose from to fit the theme of your kids’ party! From the colorful Jungle Slide to our Disney-inspired Mickey Castle Slide, you won’t have a shortage of fun choices to choose from!

Worried about the setup? You don’t have to! We’ve got a team of professionals who will bring the slide to your venue and set it up, just in time for the party! And after you’re done, we’ll have our team dismantle everything and pack it up.

Our inflatables are composed of high quality, durable materials, which means your kids can be active and have fun, and still stay safe. For you, as a parent, that means reassurance and peace of mind.

Get started with your bouncy water slide rental in Dubai today

Contact us here at Bouncy by dialling +971 54 4449359. Or you can email us your queries at info@bouncy.ae. Talk to our customer support personnel about our short and long-term packages as well as our flexible price structure, and get the best deal today!