Little Spongbob Slide (LSS 05)
Little Spongbob Slide (LSS 05)

L8 x W6 x H 8 m

The Inflatable bouncy castle Little Spongbob Slide (LSS 05) which is perfect for kids.This is suggested item for all gatherings, jubilees and occasions. This inflatable fun palace will add enjoyable to your birthday or celebratory party making your children to have a magnificent time .

Product Details

Amazing Little Spongbob Slide (LSS05) for your kids to have a gala time! The ideal bouncy for indoor/outdoor themed birthday parties, occasions and events.

Size : L8 x W6 x H 8 m

Group Ages: 8 to 20

Rental Duration: 4 - 6 hours

Surface Requirement: Grass/Concrete

Note: Power source is required for the air pump/blower.